d Wi-Fi

Free high-speed Wi-Fi service available
at various spots across Japan!

d Wi-Fi

Benefit Details

When registering for a free DOCOMO d POINT membership for overseas members, you can use free high-speed Wi-Fi service available at various spots across Japan.

Service area

You can check to see where d Wi-Fi (SSID:0000docomo) is available using the Wi-Fi Spot search site below. *English only https://dwifi.mapion.co.jp/b/d_wifi_en/

How to use benefits

You can register at the DOCOMO d POINT overseas membership for free.

If you have not registered

Register for a free membership here.

If you have registered

Please access here and set a password for d Wi-Fi.

If you have completed registration but have not applied for d Wi-Fi, please do so here.

How to connect

  • Please confirm the details for how to connect.
  • Check frequently asked questions about d Wi-Fi here.


  • To use d Wi-Fi, you need to register for a d POINT overseas membership, agree to the terms of use and apply for Wi-Fi service.

Travel App

The app enables you to access d Wi-Fi hotspots all across Japan just by tapping after logging in.