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Enjoy d POINT CLUB benefits

The essentials for traveling in Japan in just one app. d POINT CLUB provides travelers with the benefits every visitor needs: a reward program to save money, free Wi-Fi all over Japan, and special discounts on selected services. Download the app, register free of charge and start enjoying.

Reward program

Save money by earning points you can later use for shopping at our member stores

Info and games about Japan

Get ready for your trip to the Land of the Rising Sun with the latest blogs, news, quizzes and mini-games about Japan!

Free Wi-Fi

Enjoy completely free Wi-Fi with unlimited data all over Japan

Reward program

What is d POINT

Earn and use points in our member stores
located all over Japan

You can earn 1 d POINT for every 100-200 yen spent, and use your d POINTs for shopping in any of our member stores.

How to earn and use d POINTs

Earn points easily by displaying the d POINT card on your smartphone

You can display your d POINT CARD within the app at any time! Just show it at checkout to earn points.

Where can I earn and use d POINTs

Our member stores are located all over Japan

Search easily within the app for member stores where you can earn and use d POINTs.

Check your d POINT balance

You can easily check the number of d POINTs you have!

The point balance is automatically displayed in the app, so you can easily check the number of points you have at any time.

Free Wi-Fi

What is d Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi with unlimited data with hotspots all over Japan

Don't worry about your cellular data usage. d Wi-Fi is ideal for SNS and searching things online while traveling.

Where can I use d Wi-Fi

Free to connect to our hotspots located all over Japan!

d Wi-Fi can be used in many places such as tourist spots, train stations, convenience stores, cafes, and many more.

How to connect

Connect easily to d Wi-Fi using the app

Easy 2-step set up using the app. Then, you will be able to connect automatically to d Wi-Fi when available.

Wi-Fi Hotspot map

Search for nearby Wi-Fi hotspots with our hotspot map

You can always find Wi-Fi immediately by searching for nearby Wi-Fi hotspots on the map.